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Rivers and Gems

by Cecilia Erin Walsh

The phrase “rivers and gems” describes two types of poems. River poems flow effortlessly from often deeply hidden and mysterious sources. They slide mildly or thunder wildly, without intimidation or hesitation, overtaking and even eroding barriers, sometimes flooding and overwhelming without warning. Gem poems, on the other hand, are sought out. Like prized minerals, they are found and extracted with exquisite precision using the sharpest and most durable of tools, mental muscle, and patience, purpose, and persistence.


Watery Music
Birth of the Poet
Oh, Summer! Oh, Winter!
Child Guide, City Park
Bird Watching
Basement Sale
Color Wheel
A Lesson in Cartography
The Distance Between Us
Dinner Guest
Ode to Joy on New Year's Eve

I love the cover, the feel of it, the size. So beautifully written.
Barb Leutke, Educator

Reading these poems, I felt a little jolt of happiness at how vividly
aware the author was inside her own skillfully she brought
me there...a place that I really wanted to explore." Noemie Maxwell, Librarian

Rivers and <br />
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    Hand-stitched, softcover
  • 5.5 x 8.25, 24 pages
  • ISBN 978-0-9647444-8-6
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